Greg Bakunzi

Amahoro Tours, Red Rocks Intercultural Center and Red Rocks Initiative

Greg Bakunzi is the founder of award winning Amohoro Tours, Red Rocks Inter Cultural Center and Red Rocks initiative. All these three sustainable tourism award winning companies specialize in responsible tourism that contribute to conservation, community development and cultural exchange in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Amohoro Tours specializes in offering ecotourism experiences in Rwanda, Uganda and The Democratic Republic of Congo that promote conservation of the endangered mountain gorilla and appreciation of the local culture. The Red Rocks Intercultural Center and Red Rocks Initiative, both based in Rwanda, are community-based tourism initiatives that are designed to empower the local communities around Virunga Massif while offering transformative, immersive and cultural exchange travel experiences. The Red Rocks initiative is a non-profit. Amohoro Tours has been awarded the Top 100 mid-sized companies in Rwanda. Greg was recently recognized and awarded by the United Nations World Tourism Organization for the contribution of Red Rocks Intercultural Center and Red Rocks Initiative to sustainable development in January 2019. Red Rocks Cultural Center was also awarded the Best Community-Based Tourism Organisation of 2018 during the annual Rwanda Tourism Gala organized by the Rwanda Tourism Chamber