Harriet Owalla

Journalist, Tourism and Conservation

Harriet Owalla is a Kenyan journalist who's been reporting on tourism and conservation for the past seven years. Her work has been published in various publications both local and international like the Skift, Afar, Fodor not to mention but a few. She has also featured on BBC Travel Kenya edition and the New York times talking on the same. On top of that, she has worked with various tourism boards like Magical Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Seychelles, Morocco, Zimbabwe to market their destinations.

2.30 pm - 3.00 pm

Day 2 Program 9th June

The relationship between media and tourism- The new paradigm in sustainable tourism

3.30 pm - 4.00 pm

Day 2 Program 9th June

Panel 4: Innovations in designing, communicating & promoting sustainable tourism systems