Mr. Daniel Adidwa

Founder and former CEO, Tour2.0

Mr. Adidwa is a leader who is passionate about entrepreneurship and technology. He takes pleasure in channelling this passion through sourcing innovative solutions, that address current problems within the African continent and taking these solutions to market.

Daniel has attained his BA Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and a Diploma in Account Management from the AAA School of Advertising, a certificate in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies and A certificate in CS50 Computer Science from Harvard, and has completed a course in  User Experience (Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX) from Udemy. He has worked for various communications agencies, where he worked on various local and international blue-chip accounts, consulted for various state and private companies, and is involved in other high impact projects.

He is passionate about the African continent, its people and the stories behind African communities. He believes that technology can play a large role in getting the world to experience real African communities. He has been a Vice-Chairman of the youth steering committee of the Regional Tourism Association of Southern Africa (RETOSA) and held the role of founder and former CEO of Tour2.0 (the leading provider of unique urban, cultural and community tourism experiences in South Africa). During tenure at Tour2.0, his team has managed to stimulate the cultural and community tourism sector within South Africa, by building a unique product base of over 70 unique urban, cultural and community tourism experiences, and was in the process of expanding to 5 territories on the African continent before the pandemic hit.