In response to covid-19 and the need to underscore the importance of sustainability in the restart of tourism, especially for Africa, STAS2020 went virtual. Leaders known for providing sustainable tourism solutions in development, policy and business practice will come together for part series of STAS2020. Below are their presentation for sustainability and optimizing destination Africa.

Series 1
Why Restarting Tourism in Africa post COVID19 will be about Sustainability and what that means for policy in Africa
A presentation by Dr Carmen Nibigira ,Tourism Policy Analyst
Tourism & COVID19 - Time to rethink Tourism in Africa
A presentation by Prof Marina Novelli, Professor of Tourism & Development, University of Brighton (UK)
Building Resilience Through Revenue Retention in Destination (Keeping more spend in Destinations)
A presentation by Thomas Mueller : Founder & CEO rainmaker Digital
Tourism Post COVID19: Why Building Tourism Resilience will require reshaping partnerships and alliances
A presentation by Ben Lynam- Head of Communications at Travel Foundation (UK)
Series 2
Community based Tourism in Africa- Implications of COVID19
A presentation by Judy, Kepher Gona, Founder and Director, Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda
Standards && sustainability certification for businesses in tourism
A presentation by Lisa Scriven, Sustainable Tourism Advisor, Utopia Africa
Building resilience in Community conservation models for Africa
A presentation by Dr David Chiawo, Dean, School of Tourism and Hospitality, Strathmore University, Kenya
Rethinking certification in sustainable tourism during and post COVID19
A presentation by Marco Giraldo, Co-founder and Managing Partner, TourCert Germany