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STAS2020 Series 2 on Communities, conservation and certification- 3Cs ( Time is Kenya Time)
9.45 am- 11.00 am
Community based Tourism in Africa- Implications of COVID19
Judy Kepher Gona, Founder, Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda (STTA)
11.30 am - 12.30 pm
Standards & sustainability certification for small businesses in tourism: Lisa Scriven, Sustainable Tourism Advisor, Utopia Africa
Small businesses are the backbone of many tourism economies as well as the pioneers for re-building when things get tough. As we emerge from difficult times into a new trading environment, small tourism businesses will be key to establishing more resilient destinations globally. Certification standards can be a useful support tool for these businesses as they play an essential role in building back better
13.30 pm - 14.30 pm
Building resilience in Community conservation models
Dr David Chiawo, Conservation Ecologist, Senior Lecturer and Director of Research and Innovations, School of Tourism and Hospitality, Strathmore University, Kenya
3.00 pm - 4.00 pm
Rethinking certification in sustainable tourism during and post COVID19: Marco Giraldo, Co-founder and Managing Partner, TourCert Germany
Only when tourism is designed to provide adequate and secure wages for local workers, to ensure fair work practices and social conditions for the staff, to allow an exchange between the tourists and the local population, to promote the cultural characteristics of the region, so that the residents also benefit from tourism and resources are not wasted, only then can tourism contribute to a globally and locally sustainable development. The industry, as a matter of fact, will have no choice but to work for the preservation of land and sea ecosystems. After all, this is the basis of nearly every holiday trip. Sustainable tourism offers and services are high-quality products, they serve the growing demand for socially and environmentally friendly travel and can set standards in tourism. Why we have to learn to see (at least some) certifications in a different light and how to adopt some processes for the future of tourism, explains Marco Giraldo, Managing Partner of TourCert
Why STAS2020 Will be Going Virtual

The year 2020 was meant to be the start of a great year for sustainable tourism. We only have 10 years to make significant progress towards achievement of Agenda 2030 and meeting targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. The year 2020 was to be the start of the decade of action. The covid-19 epidemic changed everything, especially for tourism. The health crisis grounded global mobility and shifted concern to human wellbeing more than ever before. Tourism which relies on movement of people was the hardest hit as global travel restrictions were imposed by 72% of the world’s countries.Travelers were therefore forced to stay apart from each other or locked at home, voluntarily and involuntary. STAS2020, a sustainable tourism event, was affected by this situation.

In response to covid-19 and the need to underscore the importance of sustainability in the restart of tourism, especially for Africa, STAS2020 will be going virtual instead of cancelling. Leaders known for providing sustainable tourism solutions in development, policy and business practice will come together for a one-day webinar to engage tourism stakeholders on;
1. Tourism and covid-19; Why the sectors resilience will require reshaping alliances and partnerships
2. Revenue retention in destinations for building resilience
3. Why the restart of tourism will be about sustainability and what does this mean for policy and business practice?
4. Importance of partnerships in conservation crisis management

Sustainable Tourism Africa Summit

Every year, tourism businesses, leaders and professionals from Africa and the rest of the world come together for three days and for one particular purpose; to find opportunities for Modelling A Sustainable Future for Tourism in Africa.

The Sustainable Tourism Africa Summit features sustainable tourism masterclasses, presentation, workshops, side events, exhibitions and sustainable tourism awards. For three days, the businesses, leaders and professionals present their solutions, business models and innovative products. The Sustainable tourism Africa summit also supports creation of networks that drive sustainability of business and destinations.

Attended by over 100 delegates from more than 10 countries across and beyond Africa, The Sustainable Tourism Africa Summit is the only event in Africa that is committed to the promotion and support of sustainable tourism in Africa.

The Sustainable Tourism Africa Summit is the only event in Africa that is committed to the promotion and support of sustainable tourism practices in Africa. The event features sustainable tourism masterclasses, presentation, workshops,side events, exhibitions and sustainable tourism awards.

What Usually Happens
Sustainable Tourism Masterclasses by leading tourism business and destination management professionals
Great presentations by speakers with success in the practice and development of sustainable tourism including practical workshops
Side Events
Partner sponsored side events for introducing projects, partnership opportunities and innovative green products and services for the industry
Exhibitions and many more
Exhibitions by tourism destinations, businesses and innovators showcasing their products and services that support sustainability of tourism in Africa. Awards and Excursions
15th-17th May 2019, Severin Sea Lodge, Mombasa, Kenya
STAS2019 How It Happened
Theme: Redesigning The Product, Business and Practice for A Sustainable And Inclusive Tourism Growth in Africa
Participants (Main)
Participants (Side Event)

The Sustainable Tourism Africa Summit is convened by Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda with the Support of Let’s Go Travel Uniglobe and other interested partners.